Serious back issues

Here you can ask and talk (in English or German) about scoliosis treatment in Germany.
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Serious back issues

Beitrag von alpha903 » Di, 03.06.2014 - 09:06

So basically this is the problem:

I've got some pretty advanced scoliosis. As I understand it Schroth helps with small curves right?

Anyway. So I've done a spirometry test that checks the lung capacity. FVC is 2.57(norm for my weight and height is 4.80) FEV1 is 2.40(norm is 4.10 for my weight). Anyway the point is that I've got quite serious lung capacity restrictions.

Does lung capacity improve with surgery?

Do you know of any European clinics that specialize in scoliosis surgery? Most of the sites about scoliosis are unfortunately in US and they don't know anything about European treatment. I'm from Eastern Europe. Even worse: Moldova. I don't believe that I must tell you what you can suspect, the health system is pretty much bullshitty. I've been told by an orthopedist that if I intend to do a spine surgery I must do it somewhere else.
How much approximately does such a surgery cost?

If you don't know of any such clinics, do you know of any other European communities of scoliosis patients? Thanks.

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Re: Serious back issues

Beitrag von Tammi » Di, 03.06.2014 - 11:26

Hello Alpha903,

welcome to our forum.
Do you know the Cobb-angles of your curves? Schroth also helps with stronger curves. It won't reduce your curve much but it could help you improve your lung function, stop further progression of yoir scoliosis, reduce pain you might have and give you a better feeling for your body.
Recommended clinics for scoliosis surgery here in Germany are the Schön Klinik in Neustadt in Holstein, the Asklepios Klinik St. Georg or the Schön Klinik in Vogtareuth. I think a surgery will cost approximately 10000-20000€. But I'm not sure, it could be more.
I would recommend you to try out conservative ways of treatment before you do a surgery, because a surgery is final, there are many riscs, it restricts your abilities of movement in the spine and after 10-30 years you will most likely get discogenic incidents and arthrosis. So you should try out all the conservstive ways of treatment before you decide for a surgery. Your lung function can improve with a surgery but it doesn't have to.

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