I need your advice about my case

Here you can ask and talk (in English or German) about scoliosis treatment in Germany.
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I need your advice about my case

Beitrag von Nick » Mo, 13.08.2012 - 00:20

Hello everyone. I want to ask you to give me advice about my case. Sorry for large text size, but I wanted to fully describe my situation.

Up to 22 years, I have not experienced any particular problems with the spine. But in adolescence (around 14-15 years old), I was worried about the appearance of Pectus carinatum ("pigeon chest"), but it was pretty minor. Later, it became less noticeable and now does not bother me.

In February 2011 (when I was 22) I graduated from college and went to work as a system administrator. All the work time I spent sitting at the computer. At home, I spent my free time sitting at the computer for additional several hours. After six months of such life, I began to feel the pain in my back. It bothered me more and more. At the same time, I took a valuation about the suitability for military service (it is mandatory in Russia). I was sent to survey to RRITO Vreden (Russian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after Professor RR Vreden), one of the best orthopedic medical institutions in St. Petersburg, where I was told that I need to be treated. In December 2011, I received outpatient treatment for two weeks.
I was diagnosed with "dysplastic scoliosis of the second degree (about 12-13 degrees in the supine position), the effects of the Scheuermann's disease, a secondary widespread osteochondrosis, vertebrogenic neuralgia". Also during treatment, by x-ray images, the doctor suggested that as a child I had a spinal fracture. The fact is that at the age of about four years, the bike fell on me and broke my tibia (or femur, I don’t know exactly), possibly at the same time there was a fracture of the spine, which failed to notice.

So, I went through treatment which included seances of manual therapy, massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise (which is performed supine and did not include any special exercises for the spine), exercises in swimming pool (also do not include any special exercises for the spine), drugs: Movalis (Meloxicam) 15 mg, 2.0 Milgamma (B1, B6, B12, Lidocaine) - intramuscularly; Actovegin 5.0, calcium gluconate 10% 5.0 - drip (infusion).
I was unhappy with the treatment, even though it has removed the pain for a while. Neither while the course of treatment or before hospital discharge no one never asked me about my well-being. Conclusion of the disease, says that the condition has improved, although no one interviewed me and not inspected. I was assigned to wear a corset only for physical activities, and it was not matched for me (they just pointed out a model from a catalog).

Over six sessions of manual therapy and massage was held during two weeks. A little more sessions of therapeutic exercise and exercises in the pool. And almost every day were sessions of physiotherapy. The treatment cost me about a thousand euros.

Five or six months later the pain returned. Also two weeks ago, I very much overloaded spine (lifting weights) and now I don't like my condition. I feel the pain most of the day.

Now arises the question of re-treatment and I do not know where to go. I do not want to come back to RNIITO Vreden because no treatment actually occurs. Manual therapy gives short effect.

I began to think about traveling abroad for medical treatment. I am only 23 years old, and back problems significantly interfere with my life. I want to be checked-up and understand that's going on with my spine. Now I consider the treatment in Germany, but I’m not sure is it affordable for me (I get about 600 euros per month). I don't know German and looked for the possibility of treatment through intermediaries. One of them, for example, asked 1750 euro for organization of the visit (at no cost to the trip itself and treatment). So I decided to try to find another way. I'd like to stay within three or four thousand euros for an examination and a course of treatment. Also, I need an interpreter or, if it even possible, Russian-speaking doctor (or assistant, etc.) After the treatment I would like to get a program which I could practice at home.

What do you recommend me in this situation? I hope very much for your advice.
Just in case I put my X-rays.

Frontal x-ray 1 (789 Kb)
Frontal x-ray 2 (1,2 Mb)
Side x-ray 1 (1,65 Mb)
Side x-ray 2(1,16 Mb)

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Re: I need your advice about my case

Beitrag von mick » Di, 14.08.2012 - 19:29

Hey Nick!

There are two possibilities for a treatment in Germany you can try (of course you can also try both):

1. Learning the Schroth-method in a specialised clinic

There is a specific kind of physiotherapy called the Schroth-method, which can be learned best at one of the two specialised rehabilitation clinics in Germany, in Bad Sobernheim and Bad Salzungen. The method is useful for scoliosis as well as hyperkyphosis. (The latter is the effect of the Scheuermann’s disease – the disease itself is only occurring in the childhood – but the effect, the arched back, is still going on and may cause back pain.)
The exercises of the Schroth method aim to correct the patient’s individual curvature of the spine by making him aware of the curves and to counteract against these (by muscle work and a special way of breathing).
A stay for rehabilitation in such a clinic should last at least 3 weeks. Several hours per day are spent at doing the specific exercises (usually in groups), additionally there are sometimes lessons in breathing techniques or massage. When needed (due to pain), you get extra treatments like e.g. massage, fango, individual physiotherapy, psychotherapy. The specific exercises you learn at the clinic should be regularly done at home afterwards. The programme is similar in both clinics, though they may vary in details. As far as I know, the costs are in Bad Sobernheim 127,50 € per day (including all treatments and full board residential) and in Bad Salzungen 120,00 € per day.
If you need instructions in Russian language, there might be a problem. When I’ve been in one of the clinics last summer, there were some people from abroad, who couldn’t speak German as well, but they spoke English. In Germany it is not usual to speak Russian, so there is only a little chance, that maybe by accident someone knows the language. You could write an email to the clinics and ask for it and – if you are interested – for further information.
The clinics are:

Asklepios Katharina-Schroth-Klinik
Korczakstr. 2
55566 Bad Sobernheim
Tel.: (0 67 51) 8 74 – 0
Fax: (0 67 51) 8 74 - 1 70
Email: info.badsobernheim@asklepios.com

Asklepios Burgseekliniken Bad Salzungen
Am See
36433 Bad Salzungen
Tel.: (0 36 95) 65-0
Fax: (0 36 95) 65-11 99
Email: info.badsalzungen@asklepios.com

2. Specialist/Corset

The second possibility is to come for further treatment to a specialised doctor in Germany. Many in this forum go to Dr. Hoffmann in Leonberg (near Stuttgart) in southern Germany. He usually advises patients to do physiotherapy (especially the Schroth method, but he often advises a specific stretching before starting it) and in cases of big curvatures and problems with backpain the option to wear a corset/brace or to undergo surgery. Surgery is an unreversable method, which can have severe consequences, so it should only be done, if all other possibilities have been tried and did not help. Wearing a brace has helped some adults who write their experiences in this forum, to reduce their pain. Nevertheless it is not easy and should be well-thought, but the treatment can be stopped, if there are problems.
As it is very, very important, that the brace is built correctly to improve the curvature and reduce pain (otherwise wearing the brace is not useful at all or even harmful), Dr. Hoffmann works together with an experienced technician, called Mr. Rahmouni, who is able to build these braces. As far as I know, Dr. Hoffmann and Mr. Rahmouni treat also patients from abroad, but I guess, they do not speak Russian, but English. A brace costs about 2.500-3.000 €. You should be aware that it is necessary to come to the technician also later on to have the brace controlled if it still fits. After some time, alterations or adaptations of the brace to changes of the body will probably be necessary.
At this page you find names and addresses of specialised doctors in Germany, including Dr. Hoffmann:

I wish you all the best,

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Diagnose: "dysplastic scoliosis of the second degree, the effects of the Scheuermann's disease, a secondary widespread osteochondrosis, vertebrogenic neuralgia"

Re: I need your advice about my case

Beitrag von Nick » Di, 14.08.2012 - 21:41

Thank you very much Mick!

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Re: I need your advice about my case

Beitrag von Força » Mo, 05.11.2012 - 17:56

Hi Nick! Have you gotten any further news/info?

I am from Berlin and know that Mr Nahr treated patients from Russia, so maybe that would be an additional option?

I think a flight to Berlin will be cheaper than one to Frankfurt with further traveling down to Leonberg. Also, you can find quite cheap places to stay in Berlin, or do couchsurfing.

You could simply look for a couchsurfing person who speaks Russian, or look for former GDR Berliners who learnt Russian at school. Or get a medical translator for your appointment with Dr Wilke (in my experience there is only 2 really good and experienced specialists, one being Dr. Hoffmann in leonberg near Stuttgard and the other Dr. Wilke in Berlin. I think the opportunities to do it cheap are more and better in Berlin. Also you could combine it with a nice city trip.

Please let me know if I can be of help with anything, and may it only be with helping with buerocratical stuff

Ju :)
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