25 Years with an Harington Rod

Here you can ask and talk (in English or German) about scoliosis treatment in Germany.
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Harington Rod fused at T2-T12 in 1986, Nijmegen, Netherlands
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25 Years with an Harington Rod

Beitrag von Sandman77 » Sa, 10.12.2011 - 17:20

So today 25 years ago (1986, Nijmegen, Netherlands by Dr. Kruls) , I got my spine fused from T2-T12 with an Harington rod. Looking back I know this surgery was to soon at age 9 I should have waited. Also this sort of surgery had allready proven too old in studies. Therefor one has to think twice before performing a surgery. My Parents did not do their homework.

I will however not blame them or do I do so now, after cleverness its a burden and not a bliss.
Anyways I have been relative lucky, I remain painfree for the most of the time, curve(s) remain stabile and my lung volume is slightly increasing.

It is now up to me to improve my health and to maintain my life how it is. I do realize surgery is an option I would only do again if the pain became unbareable. I have been offered surgery but as it does not guarantee better heart and lung functions I have declined, optically it brings me nothing, I am crooked and will remain so till the day my Saviour decides my time is up.

To those having to face the decision of treatment I can only highly recommend going none surgical as long as possible. Preferably with Bracing and Schroth theraphy as it really works, the German know this since decades...

Any question feel free to ask or comment. :)
- Sandman77 - "Yes, I am Dream"