Cheneau Or............ Cheneau Light???

Here you can ask and talk (in English or German) about scoliosis treatment in Germany.
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Beitrag von Thomas » Di, 23.06.2009 - 18:51

I - personally - would go for a rigid brace like Klaus Nahr and Rahmouni are building them.

There are also good results of the Chêneau light brace, but it looks for me that on the average the results of the above mentioned braces are better. And as we heared here the difference in the wearing comfort betrween a 'normal Chêneau' and a Chêneau light is not as big as expected.


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Beitrag von Vienna » Mi, 24.06.2009 - 00:37

well, I was interested in that Light-model too, because I wanted to make a good comfort possible for my daughter (12), but as I know, the correcting-results of the Cheneau-Light are not as sure than the correcting-results of good normal Cheneau-braces.
Compared to a well made Cheneau brace the Light-version does not have any correcting-advantages at all, that´s important to say.
one of the Cheneau-Light problems - beside the questions of the mechanic (im)possibilities of the "stripes" - is, that you have to wear the Cheneau-light-brace in an active way for getting best results, you have to work into the pressure at the hip (it´s totally open at the other one), otherwise it´s function is not well. So there is - especially for young people - a risk to wear it in an unefficient way.
The actual normal Cheneau-braces are not so heavy and uncomfortable anymore, so we decided to take one of that kind, and my daughter is wearing it without any problems since about one year.

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Beitrag von France » Do, 25.06.2009 - 17:45

Thanks for the information. My daughter's Cheneau is pretty heavy and there is a really obtrusive metal bar which links both sides just below her collar bone. Not only does this really restrict what type of top she can wear it's really dangerous whenever she takes it off as I think she is going to stab herself! But, worst of all, I do not believe it is actually doing anything to correct the spine at this moment in time. We are going back to the specialist on Tuesday when he will x-ray her for the second time following the first adjustment (which I do not believe the orthotist did anyway). If she has to wear it for 23.5 hours a day it has got to be made to do the job it is meant for. I have no faith in the current orthotist's ability so really keen to find another. Thomas has recommended both the nahr and rahmouni as being the best orthotists around. I just have to establish whether our medical practise will fund them. Otherwise we will have to find an alternative or there is a possiblity they will send us back to England for treatment which a) I have heard is not the greatest and b) highy impractial bearing in mind I have three children, and 32 weeks pregnant, with a husband who is frequently away too. Some things are just not simple!

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Beitrag von Lady S » Do, 25.06.2009 - 18:05

If she has to wear it for 23.5 hours a day it has got to be made to do the job it is meant for.
you are absolutely right. Besides, it is difficult enough for your daughter so it really is to be as efficient as possible.

I agree with Thomas regarding the recommendation of Nahr and Rahmouni.

Did you happen to see the pub for the Ramouni brochure in the rightmost corner (second from left)? You can order it for free from Rahmouni (and you could also ask if information is available in English, too).

I don't know about your skills in German language but it comes with a lot of pictures :) . He also has a website (which only works correctly with IE, not with firefox on my computer).
I just have to establish whether our medical practise will fund them.
Isn't that only a question of your health insurance?

Good luck,
Lady S

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Beitrag von Sandman77 » So, 02.08.2009 - 23:44

Personally Id only let my daugther wear a brace if she also did Schroth otherwise the bracing can or will reduce the muscles mass. I firmly believe in only combined treatment with Bracing/Exersize is the key.
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